08 April 2012

Why does POP still exist?

02 March 2012

Exhibition by Lewis McGuffie at Tiib, today and tomorrow only.

24 February 2012
Last night's dream

Wilco was playing a free concert, with Spinal Tap opening up. Adam and I were there, sitting in the back, half-watching and having a mild debate about which band was 'bigger'. Spinal Tap played 'Big Bottom' and it was pretty heavy. The venue staff were throwing free Wilco t-shirts into the crowd and I grabbed two of them, a medium and large size; Adam and I briefly fought over the medium before realising that neither one of us actually liked Wilco. We debated the shirt's eBay potential but then threw them both into the crowd for the true fans.

29 January 2012

A collectively-generated graphical score.

10 November 2011
05 October 2011

Trying to make a traditional Estonian wooden house at least slightly warm for the (surely brutal) winter ahead: 5cm thick Paroc FAS4 insulation, to be covered with a lovely red clay.

26 July 2011

We carried you in our arms on Independence Day And now you'd throw us all aside and put us all away
Oh, what dear daughter 'neath the sun could treat a father so?
To wait upon him hand and foot and always tell him "No"

Tears of rage, tears of grief
Why must I always be the thief?
Come to me now, you know we're so low And life is brief

It was all very painless When you went out to receive
All that false instruction Which we never could believe
And now the heart is filled with gold As if it was a purse
But, oh, what kind of love is this Which goes from bad to worse?

Tears of rage, tears of grief
Why must I always be the thief?
Come to me now, you know we're so low And life is brief

We pointed you the way to go And scratched your name in sand Though you just thought it was nothing more Than a place for you to stand
I want you to know that while we watched You discovered no one would be true
And I myself was among The ones who thought It was just a childish thing to do

09 June 2011
11 May 2011

The guardian liked to discuss with young people their 'approach.' But that word meant 'coming near,' and often what the guardian meant entailed being 'already there.'

—Joseph McElroy, Hind's Kidnap (1969), p. 128
09 May 2011
30 January 2011
02 January 2011

And believe me, these boxes are HEAVY. Total shelf space required = 5.6 metres.

20 December 2010
05 December 2010
30 November 2010
20 November 2010
12 November 2010
Last night's dream

I was in the theatre audience of a large awards show, on TV, and Michael Bolton was accepting a lifetime achievement award. While he was speaking, a bunch of his assistants were going through the audience and passing out dental floss to everyone and whispering for us to all floss in unison.