08 August 2013
02 August 2013
Songs which served as personal credos, 1994-present
31 July 2013
30 July 2013

From Crookt, Crakt or Fly.

Missing these guys live in 1995 or so is an all-time regret of mine. I also missed the Dead C around the same time, both performing in my hometown. But hey, I was 15 and didn't know any better.

Screen shot 2013 07 30 at 17.01.18

My first homebrew in 3 years, a rough partial-mash adaptation of a double IPA recipe that's ridiculously bitter, with Willamette, Magnum and Columbus hops and dry-hopped with Columbus, Galena and Amarillo. I have low expectations for this but it was fun to do it again. Label art by Henry Darger.

29 July 2013
Img 2166

Stroomi rand, Tallinn, as the fog takes it over. (photo by Ags)

01 June 2013
Img 2089

Start of round 3 (Eastern conference finals!!!)

31 May 2013
Img 2086

Tallinn, yesterday early evening.

14 May 2013
Photo on 2013 05 14 at 11.22

Start of round two. New tactic this year: trimming a 'neckline'. Pittsburgh is 2-0 since I shaved a neckline. (You're welcome, boys.)