06 March 2008
Ruby on Rails and DRY

I'm working on a big Rails app for work - well, it's not really that big - and as I'm still getting used to the Rails philosophy I can feel myself start slipping away from it, into what's easier rather than what's better.
The whole DRY strategy is fun, but I feel like I'm teetering on the brink of "losing" control of this application.

Part of this come from the fact that I'm using .RHTML for all my views, but a few are in HAML as I'm experimenting with HAML - and within the RHTML, I don't always use the Rails Form Helper stuff - sometimes I put explicit HTML instead - mostly to embed javascript etc.

it's over.

The Wire is no more. Finished episode 60 and now I must leave the wonderful world of Baltimore. Life after the Wire ... what will it be like?

04 March 2008
traded in some books at lunchtime and grabbed...

??Overexposed : treating sexual perversion in America?? by Sylvere Lotringer and ??On Being Blue?? by William H. Gass. £2 each!

03 March 2008

the next .jpg i will attempt to paint


My neurosurgeon friend from New Mexico invited me to join a team of thinkers he was putting together to contact extraterrestrial intelligence. Jason B who I went to high school with was also on the team among some other scientists and artists. Also, Herc from The Wire was security or something. He built us a laboratory that was fixed underneath the center of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We succeeded in building a small spaceship capable of going into space and interacting with some aliens. We hadn't announced it yet to the world by Adam S in chicago heard a rumour and phoned me; I told him it was true. Then I was coming back to the lab one day and there was a huge queue of people waiting to see our little spaceship. I had changed appearance to a black-clad longhaired computer nerd with a leather trench coat. I told the security guards (not Herc) who I was and they let me through.

02 March 2008
potluck dips

back from sunday potluck at a friend's house. we (well really my partner) made a bunch of dips - pesto, baba ghanooj, skoradalia, and a sundried/tomato tofu mix that was awesome though she doesn't like it. low turnout meant we brought a lot home, except we left the bag of dips and chips in partick station, then realised when we got back to glasgow central, then decided to go back for them. amazingly we dodged ticket inspectors on the first two trains so all we lost was time.

on the way back, discussion centered around opening a shop that only sold dips. how about some good names for the shop? Dippity-do-dah! The Great Dipression! Jack the Dipper! OeDipus complex! Dippleganger! The Dippler effect! ok enough....

29 February 2008

“There has never been a great film unless it was created in the spirit of the experimental filmmaker.”

—Len Lye

i had a dream about the wire last night. it was the final episode

opening scene: daniels gets shot somehow, like a freak accident. mcnulty is the only witness. he takes the body and stuffs straw in daniels' clothes, like a scarecrow, and ties the body to a telephone pole. he starts practicing shooting a bow and arrow into the corpse, as it's part of some indian burial ritual. cue opening credits and 'down in the hole', only it's not the steve earle version, something weird, maybe jandek?

28 February 2008

here i go, first attempt to do something with this.