07 March 2014
03 March 2014
22 February 2014
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From the 'As Seen on TV' store, South Hills Village Mall, Pittsburgh PA. Hang on, cause there's gonna be a lot of these.

31 January 2014
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I don't want to sound like one of those people who moves to Northern Europe and complains about the winter, but seriously, Helsinki is further North but Tallinn is always colder. Or maybe the better word is 'unforgiving'.

11 January 2014

I don't remember what I said, but my voice was small, squeezed, not unloud so much as discrete, anechoic, so that sound as such -- walking, the noise of our clothes, our breathing-- was meaningless, probably unidentifiable, swallowed in the room's million mouths.

—Stanley Elkin, from The Dick Gibson Show
25 December 2013
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I know I'm 28 years late on this but I finally saw Mauvais sang and my mind is fucking reeling.

09 December 2013

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much here besides songs. So, to try to write something to justify yet another: I've been on a big Jim Shepard kick again, lately. The guy is such a tragic figure to me; everything from Vertical Slit to V-3 to Evil Love Deeper shows a true visionary, capable of packing a huge gamut of emotions into a single record (nihilism, empathy, experimentalism, etc.) without genre-hopping or even that diverse of a sound himself. Listening to a song like this - at first listen it sounds like something off Horse Cock Phepner but by the last verse there's a questioning of his own relationship to his milieu, his scene - an evaluation of himself as an artist, a sense of audience, and it's all caked thick with distancing humour and attitude. But it's easy to slice through it and feel something genuine.

24 November 2013
11 November 2013

If I listened to the things that you said

Everything would fall apart

If I did all the things that you do

Everything could fall apart

Let's not listen to the things that they say

Everything can fall apart

Let's think about our actions before we do them

Everything will fall apart

I got nothing to do

You got nothing to say

Everything is so fucked up

I guess it's natural that way

Everything falls apart