15 December 2015
14 December 2015

Through the years, humanity, like a tide of refugees or pilgrims, shoeless and in rags, or in Mercedes, station wagons, running shoes, were traveling on, joined by others, falling by the way. And we, joined though we may be, briefly, by other strays, or by road travelers on their little detours, nonetheless never quite joined the continuing procession, of life and birth, never quite found or made it to the road. Whose voice is this? Not here. Not mine.

Pitch Dark, Renata Adler, p.109
04 December 2015

Tapaturma-asema, Töölön sairaala

24 October 2015

Red Krayola/Art & Language, 1975.

11 October 2015
02 May 2015
20 March 2015
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...staring at the sun / and how the blind are so damn lucky.' - the very bitter Jim O'Rourke.

(today's eclipse in Helsinki)

11 March 2015

There are then two kinds of women, those who have dependent independence in them, those who have in them independent dependence inside them; the ones of the first of them always somehow own the ones they need to love then, the second kind of them have it in them to love only those who need them, such of them have it in them to have power in them over others only when these others have begun already a little to love them, others loving them give to such of them stregnth [sic] in domination.

—Gertude Stein, 'The Making of Americans' p.165
20 February 2015
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in Helsinki airport

26 December 2014

Stolen from Terminal Boredom but it's so fucking good...

  1. Read a lot
  2. Talk a long walk
  3. Boredom is essential for your personal development. Good boredom is not doing anything, bad boredom is pointless distraction
  5. Attempts to look or sound more 'authentic' will mark you out as a fraud
  6. Your instrument is never the problem (unless it's broken)
  7. Ironic nostalgia + retro shtick is too easy. Make an effort or get off the stage. As Chairman Mao said, "shit or get off the pot"
  8. Read a lot (more)
  9. Advertising is to genuine culture what a 12ft tapeworm is to your gut. Strictly for those without the talent + personal courage to be artistic
  10. Take a long holiday from American/British music
  11. Doing all the above will make you a more interesting person + hence a more interesting musician.