21 April 2010
18 April 2010

(note throwback Malkin jersey, a xmas gift;; thanks Anthony!)

05 April 2010
04 April 2010
01 April 2010
29 March 2010

In the vacant, overgrown lot across the street, a black metal band was doing a photoshoot yesterday. I'm sure they will convince their listeners that they are in some remote, extreme Finnish wilderness, but it's the middle of Helsinki. This photo, of them taking a photo, is by Erkki Sinnemäki.

18 March 2010
13 March 2010

To continue the habit of posting pictures of extreme pizza here, this is my favourite Finnish example, prepared by the fantastically awkward Ravintola Mukesh (on the corner of Sturenkatu and Mäkelänkatu in Vallila, Helsinki). This particular specimen is slightly less extreme than usual, as there was not as much curried cauliflower or beetroot this time. However, he was overly generous with the dill pickle slices and the Indian flavour was present throughout every bite.

11 March 2010

stop leaking. kthnx

19 February 2010
08 February 2010

"Braggot (also called bracket or brackett). Originally brewed with honey and hops, later with honey and malt — with or without hops added. Welsh origin (bragawd)." -- Wikipedia

31 January 2010
17 January 2010

I guess these tacos are nine layers: lettuce, cheese, orange salsa, tomatillo salsa, sour cream/smetana, spicy TVP, sweet potato and bean mash, rice, and (choice of 3) hot sauces (pain 100%, west indian/scotch bonnet pepper, or smoked chipotle).

Parsnip chips on the side.
Making the most of life in the Nordic countries....

22 November 2009

TZP found a way to make tahini better - add a bit of water to thin it out, a squirt of lemon juice and some garlic powder. And then it becomes creamy heaven, which when combined with green olives on nice quality potatobread (perunaleipa), it's a snack of the gods. The tahini gods.