12 March 2013

Children are innocent & love justice; while most of us are wicked & naturally prefer mercy.

—G.K. Chesterton, by way of Peter Blegvad's 'The Book of Leviathan'
07 March 2013

An odd choice to stretch my limbs to, but the repetitive, moody acoustic arpeggios, so simple in construction, actually did well.
I bought this LP in 1997; the 17-year old me had no idea about the levels of loss explored here, but over the years I've dug stylus after stylus through these grooves, and rank this among the finest of 'genuine pain' records (along with Big Star's Third, for example, as opposed to records with a manufactured pain).

04 March 2013
24 January 2013
16 November 2012

The iniquity of oblivion blindly scatters her poppyseed and when wretchedness falls upon us one summer's day like snow, all we wish for is to be forgotten.

—W.G. Sebald, 'The Rings of Saturn'
06 October 2012

A sign of the end of the world, perhaps.

02 September 2012

I made the dough and my father made this little iron/brick stand to cook pizzas over hot coals. They were excellent.

"The Beer Cave", D's Six Pack and Dogs, Regent Square, Pittsburgh, PA.

Pierogies Plus is an old petrol station in McKees Rocks, PA, that makes possibly the best pierogies I've ever had.

18 August 2012

Pikakari beach, Tallinn.

07 August 2012
06 August 2012
15 July 2012
09 July 2012
04 July 2012

I THINK this is the first hot sauce ever made that paraphrases a Destroyer song title. Available only at Kodu Baar in Tallinn, and bottles for sale upon special request at Slothrop's books.

08 May 2012
14 April 2012
11 April 2012

Continuing my tradition of posting unflattering photos of myself as I watch late-night hockey in the EET timezone. Game 1 starts in a few minutes, and I'M READY. I just shaved; note that I even cut myself and you can see the blood near my nose. Just like there will be blood on the ice tonight.