17 March 2008

Some more screen captures from when I threw this new background imager, er, 'theme' together.

POEM: The Kinkaid Subway by Kenneth Koch

O corpse of March! in my ranch Automobile subtitles. Ranches reply Ranches apes to angels, "Ha ha boxes of apes!" Railings That lift up to the beautiful city Apes the tree-bout's limitations for Niceness ankles ankles today Soon day. O boxed cool breeze! Mex- Icans! "I love to climb that valley up in hill To what oh Peacock slays then cuckoo hat." But we met on the open street If Paris, near the breaking of lemons Riot. A room. "Bake home," sang the wry weather; "Yes" is what the went-title said.

"Good morning," sang the Swedish substitute, "at last The title of drinking water is when The apple of formlessly crying today Kenneth sunrise." O about! movement Ship-easing rags! "I clank," sheep- Hooded then fire methods, oh! Arch Of banking! "Wade in minutes," she cried -- Ink peroxide-machine May love you Doughnut, the Kinkaid Subway, "Goodbye, goodbye." Music. And then snow. Oh sing! "His shore finally sees The angry radiator --- back lots ink famous!"

16 March 2008
14 March 2008
Last night's dream

I had invented a machine, about 3 feet high by 4 feet wide and maybe 2 feet deep, that could tell what any person in the room had recently eaten (or any food at any stage of the digestive process). The machine would then write poetry based on these foods, which it spat out on a little ticker tape.

14 March 2008

o spontaneity, will you ever return???

13 March 2008

the best thing about this is that it's just someone reading a webpage to us.

12 March 2008
11 March 2008
more stupid restauraunt puns

the Thaiking of Pelham 1 2 3 (Thai) Nippon Intended (Japanese) Once, Twice, Fries Baguette Carter (sandwiches)

thanks to coworker AMH for the last 3...

10 March 2008
Last night's dream

Milli Vanilli - somehow I had to deliver a weird wooden cart from Brighton to East Anglia to present to the members of Milli Vanilli. After I pulled it a few feet I looked and it was solid, but it was supposed to be hollow. It was made out of logs. I abandoned it and went home.

07 March 2008
Last night's dream

David Beckham had a secret wife and kid that no one knew about - he just stayed married to posh spice in the eyes of the media. The secret family lived in the North of England, county Durham somewhere, and we were friends so they invited us over. We had tea and then we all went to this local community center, where his son was playing deck hockey. I was helping to coach him. Everything was pretty nice.

06 March 2008
Ruby on Rails and DRY

I'm working on a big Rails app for work - well, it's not really that big - and as I'm still getting used to the Rails philosophy I can feel myself start slipping away from it, into what's easier rather than what's better.
The whole DRY strategy is fun, but I feel like I'm teetering on the brink of "losing" control of this application.

Part of this come from the fact that I'm using .RHTML for all my views, but a few are in HAML as I'm experimenting with HAML - and within the RHTML, I don't always use the Rails Form Helper stuff - sometimes I put explicit HTML instead - mostly to embed javascript etc.

it's over.

The Wire is no more. Finished episode 60 and now I must leave the wonderful world of Baltimore. Life after the Wire ... what will it be like?

04 March 2008
traded in some books at lunchtime and grabbed...

??Overexposed : treating sexual perversion in America?? by Sylvere Lotringer and ??On Being Blue?? by William H. Gass. £2 each!