02 March 2008
potluck dips

back from sunday potluck at a friend's house. we (well really my partner) made a bunch of dips - pesto, baba ghanooj, skoradalia, and a sundried/tomato tofu mix that was awesome though she doesn't like it. low turnout meant we brought a lot home, except we left the bag of dips and chips in partick station, then realised when we got back to glasgow central, then decided to go back for them. amazingly we dodged ticket inspectors on the first two trains so all we lost was time.

on the way back, discussion centered around opening a shop that only sold dips. how about some good names for the shop? Dippity-do-dah! The Great Dipression! Jack the Dipper! OeDipus complex! Dippleganger! The Dippler effect! ok enough....