22 April 2008
Central PA

Interesting that CNN is projecting Obama as having won a few counties in central PA, like the one attached to Harrisburg.

I'm confident that we're gonna deliver Pittsburgh for Obama. Well, not me personally, since my absentee ballot never showed up and therefore i didn't vote (THANKS ALLEGHENT COUNTRY DEPARTMENT OF ELECTIONS!!!!!).

Paul Begala

I can't stand hearing you talk, but if I switch to MSNBC I'll hear the sound of Chris Matthews which is even worse.

And I may end up having to vote for Matthews in a few years....

CNN blues

Unfortunately for "local" commercials (like the really poorly shot one featuring State Senator Wayne Fontana - do these guys use After Effects 1.0 or something?) CNN removes their bottom graphic showing the delegate count. This count hasn't changed in six weeks - but just in case someone picks up a delegate during this Subway commercials, CNN will let me know.

Gonna be a late night.

CNN is saying "too early to call". This is good - means it doesn't show a 60-40 blowout. Of course if she wins by 58% I'm sure they'll spin it into an "amazing comeback" like David and Goliath or something.

18 April 2008

Holy shit (eavesdropped 911 call of angry mother)

Swell Maps - Let's Build a Car

17 April 2008

apt-get install gopher

Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done

The following NEW packages will be installed gopher


16 April 2008
15 April 2008
scratchpad rails post from a friend's IM

collectionselect(:authorbooks, :author_id, Author.find(:all), :id, :name)


13 April 2008
rock music

but been digging some records this weekend -

WYE OAK - a two-piece indie pop/rock band, merge records, sounds a bit like versus or yo la tengo, and normally i would think 'so what' but the album is just, i dunno, great.

the new NOTWIST record starts off good - this is my first listen and i can't remember anything they've done in years but i still have a fond spot for the 'torture day' 7" i bought my freshman year of college ...

SKELETON CREW learn to talk and the country of blinds - so incredibly underrated and good.

11 April 2008

Marc Bell "Corkhead we come in peace"

World's Most Amazing Trick Shot

10 April 2008
new CMS is up!

i've put up a new content management system on icewhistle.com (i guess you can call it that). there's lots to do on it, but at least it's there now instead of the ugly crap that was there before.

coworker conversation

me: (talking about an overseas colleague) "He's cool, he's really tall." coworker: "Oh I'd like him then, I like tall people." me: "Do you like Michael Jordan??"

(long pause)

coworker: "I've never met him."

Writing an article

I have to write a 3,000 word article about something I don't really understand for no particular audience - we don't know what journal we are going to submit this to, so that means I have to write it ultra-generically. Ugh.

Black Flag - a history in hair