03 March 2008

My neurosurgeon friend from New Mexico invited me to join a team of thinkers he was putting together to contact extraterrestrial intelligence. Jason B who I went to high school with was also on the team among some other scientists and artists. Also, Herc from The Wire was security or something. He built us a laboratory that was fixed underneath the center of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We succeeded in building a small spaceship capable of going into space and interacting with some aliens. We hadn't announced it yet to the world by Adam S in chicago heard a rumour and phoned me; I told him it was true. Then I was coming back to the lab one day and there was a huge queue of people waiting to see our little spaceship. I had changed appearance to a black-clad longhaired computer nerd with a leather trench coat. I told the security guards (not Herc) who I was and they let me through.