09 December 2013

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much here besides songs. So, to try to write something to justify yet another: I've been on a big Jim Shepard kick again, lately. The guy is such a tragic figure to me; everything from Vertical Slit to V-3 to Evil Love Deeper shows a true visionary, capable of packing a huge gamut of emotions into a single record (nihilism, empathy, experimentalism, etc.) without genre-hopping or even that diverse of a sound himself. Listening to a song like this - at first listen it sounds like something off Horse Cock Phepner but by the last verse there's a questioning of his own relationship to his milieu, his scene - an evaluation of himself as an artist, a sense of audience, and it's all caked thick with distancing humour and attitude. But it's easy to slice through it and feel something genuine.