20 April 2009
Last night's dream

I read about a way you can bake peanut butter cookies under the hood of a parked car, so I decided to try it. I was at my parents' house and I went across the street to the neighbors car, flipped open the hood, and laid the cookies (on a baking tray) underneath and then closed the hood. I went back to my parents' porch to wait and while I was waiting, my younger brother started screaming at me because he couldn't log into some website I coded because he used some weird plugin to log into websites and it wasn't compatible with mine. I told him to fuck off and stop using the plugin and he just kept screaming at me. Then my Mom came to the door and asked me if I had used her recipe for peanut butter cookies, but I was still arguing with my brother and she started yelling too and then everyone was screaming. She said that if it was her recipe, you would have to roll the cookie batter in salt before baking. I yelled that it wasn't her recipe and went over to see the cookies. They were done but glowing blue, and I was afraid to eat them. I brought them back over and after awhile they cooled down, and they were fine, except I didnt put enough sugar in the mixture so they weren't really sweet at all. I wanted to make more but I was worried that the neighbor might notice I was using his car without permission. My father said "That asshole won't notice anything, he's too busy praying". I looked again, and realised that the neighbor had converted the bottom half of their house into a church. Then I remembered that I had bought the house next door (across the street) and I went to go check it out, but I couldn't see it. Then I realised it was only the size of a cinderblock and I had shrink myself down to go inside. I accidentally kicked it over so I had to pick up my house and put it back on this little pedestal.