24 March 2008
new silver jews

i'm dreading hearing the new silver jews because i love their old record so much and i'm afraid of another turd.

20 March 2008
from Shaq's wikipedia entry....

Nickname: Shaq Shaq Daddy Superman The Big Aristotle The Diesel The Shaq Attack The Man of Steel The Showman of Big Men

18 March 2008

even though the DB is in latin1, if i tell rails in database.yml:

encoding: utf8

It somehow all works. So much for trying to make mongrel talk latin1 - no need for that!

character set woes

the story of my life?

My rails app running over mongrel is serving pages in UTF-8 (as it should be). Unfortunately the database I'm connecting to - which is read-only - is in latin1. So a lot of characters are getting garbled.

I can't change the db to be utf-8 so I guess i want to make the rails app run in latin1 as well???

17 March 2008

I loved Legion of Rockstars but this surpasses it due to the attention to detail....

Vlcsnap 1079827
Vlcsnap 1087631
Vlcsnap 1087336
Vlcsnap 1079010
Vlcsnap 1078492